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  1. I understand, thanks for your comments and let me know my + and - ... and compared with the reference artanis was a mistake when typing from my phone, but thanks for giving me your time to understand a little more on the subject ...
  2. Game Name: biker_suicida Xfire: bmxsuicida Location: chile Age: 20 How often do you play: Few times a week mostly on weekends though Have you submited your last 8 character of GUID in your profile: yes Do you use vent: yes =F|A= Server mostly played on: No quarter/ RECRUITING Your expertise ( coding, web designing, photoshop, etc) : web design, sound engi Do you have VIP membership: no Have you dontated: no Will you be able to help in recruiting: always What you will be able to offer to the community, if you join us: Friendship, respect and help to other players Referral (which member referred you): artanis Tell us about yourself: I began playing ET since age 13, and took ages 6 servers = F | A = I was a member of this clan around 2011, I was away for college and was off my position as clan member therefore I am willing to help all the players and especially the clan.(my lvl account 11 Trial member)
  3. Happy Birthday biker_suicida!

  4. my gay friend... miss u

    1. Swiss*Army


      Jajajaja lo siento, no puedo jugar tengo windows 7 y no me deja instalarlo.


  5. Good thank you very much for everything already I am to so much of the topic.
  6. happy birthday for all !!!!!!! atte: =F|A=biker_suicida
  7. I have a question and if they can help me with it Good my server is jay 1 and it was trial lvl 7 I have just entered the game and appear admin lvl 11 It helps please
  8. Happy Birthday man! Hope you have a good one!

  9. Happy Birthday SpeeD!

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  12. Happy Birthday biker_suicida!