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  1. Thanks for making W:ET alive everyday !! See you in game 😁

  2. Hellow everybody, long time!  Hope its all okay! 😋


    1. daredevil


      eh oh def long time man.. haven't seen u name since ages :P How's all going with u?

    2. Hulk


      Hey I remember you jay 2.. good ol days :)

  3. That dont work,and i donwload my mouse drivers,my vid card drivers and all what you guys said me. I dont know the problem, its only in the ET, in other games work good.
  4. yes i still have the lage sorry
  5. i could understand that, sorry. Rename my cfg (paprika.cfg) for that name? (writeconfig.cfg) ?? I have xfire, team speack and teamviewer,if someone can help me! ( Xfire: pastor3) Thanks u!
  6. Driver settings of the mouse? or of my video card?. I installed another game, and mouse worked good, its only in my et. Thanks!
  7. Hi Vanaraud, yes im using PS2 mouse, like that ( http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRToSUk_CDiwjrNUyvDSovrVYV8l9L0vVWY6kyLi6L89ZrZn-Fc). I never download or installed some driver on mouse , was strange one day worked good, and the next one that brokend, i dont understand. Thanks for help!.
  8. Ok here the pic s3ti. Thanks for answer
  9. Thanks for answer. @ i couldnt download that file, idk why @when i move my mouse have that problem, when i see someone on spec, the game work really good. But when i move for my self the mouse the lag attack me on spec too.In another words, if i join to the server without mouse, the game work good, i can move good.
  10. Buenas Maximo, ya hice el post con la imagen, espero que cuando puedas la mires y si sabes como solucionarlo seria buenisimo!!. Mil graciias!

    1. Maximo Decimo

      Maximo Decimo

      Mañana por la mañana la reviso con calma, saludos.

  11. Hellow mates, this week was too strange. I played et normal, but yesterday turn on my pc and wanted to play some maps. But a problem have. I started the game normaly, and join to FA Silent like always. I was in spec a bit, specing a friend (Damask) and all work good. But when i move my mouse a terrible lag attack me, all the time( i cant play). I move the -> and work good, but when i move mouse no. Here a photo ( each moving mouse, are the | of lag -green) Please help me!. I installed again 3 time the game, i downloaded the new drivers of my video card ( gforce 7100 gs) i changed the port of my mouse, and bought a new mouse. I dont have more ideas lol Thanks!!
  12. Happy Birthday WaaSab:>!



      Thanks you Daredevil!

  13. Have a nice start 2013 guys!!

    1. Narug0


      thx, u too. Miss ya.

  14. Merry Christmas !!! Have a nice day!

  15. Daredevil check your pms Please!!


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