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  1. Problem with my et.

    That dont work,and i donwload my mouse drivers,my vid card drivers and all what you guys said me. I dont know the problem, its only in the ET, in other games work good.
  2. Problem with my et.

    yes i still have the lage sorry
  3. Problem with my et.

    i could understand that, sorry. Rename my cfg (paprika.cfg) for that name? (writeconfig.cfg) ?? I have xfire, team speack and teamviewer,if someone can help me! ( Xfire: pastor3) Thanks u!
  4. Problem with my et.

    Driver settings of the mouse? or of my video card?. I installed another game, and mouse worked good, its only in my et. Thanks!
  5. Problem with my et.

    Hi Vanaraud, yes im using PS2 mouse, like that ( http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRToSUk_CDiwjrNUyvDSovrVYV8l9L0vVWY6kyLi6L89ZrZn-Fc). I never download or installed some driver on mouse , was strange one day worked good, and the next one that brokend, i dont understand. Thanks for help!.
  6. Problem with my et.

    Ok here the pic s3ti. Thanks for answer
  7. Problem with my et.

    Thanks for answer. @ i couldnt download that file, idk why @when i move my mouse have that problem, when i see someone on spec, the game work really good. But when i move for my self the mouse the lag attack me on spec too.In another words, if i join to the server without mouse, the game work good, i can move good.
  8. Problem with my et.

    Hellow mates, this week was too strange. I played et normal, but yesterday turn on my pc and wanted to play some maps. But a problem have. I started the game normaly, and join to FA Silent like always. I was in spec a bit, specing a friend (Damask) and all work good. But when i move my mouse a terrible lag attack me, all the time( i cant play). I move the -> and work good, but when i move mouse no. Here a photo ( each moving mouse, are the | of lag -green) Please help me!. I installed again 3 time the game, i downloaded the new drivers of my video card ( gforce 7100 gs) i changed the port of my mouse, and bought a new mouse. I dont have more ideas lol Thanks!!
  9. How to Reset a PC

    With this tutorial get install our Windows XP without problems and from scratch and everything that goes CoNLL the process to make our PCs as new .. General Steps: 1.-Support (Save, Save, backup) of all our documents not want to lose, can be CD, DVD, USB keys, portable hard drives, Diskettes, upload to the Internet, etc. 2.-Sustaining drivers, this step is crucial, because if they back up your drivers, your PC once formatted and installed XP, you can not have sound, screen resolution, Luso Internet inc. 3.-Format Windows as instructed. 4 .- Install Windows Format XP In some cases we'll have to modify the Bios of our PC to run the Boot from the Windows CD, otherwise we will not have nothing, if not active do the boot from the CD not to see the following window: But if you have enabled us to skip the next step. Enable boot (Skip this step if the previous image appears when you start your PC with the Windows CD in). To do so the first thing to do is to ac udir Setup the BIOS, inorder to Guir CD boot our Windows installation "ion once Ndama ence our PC and insert the installation CD into the CD / DVD. To enter It tup the BIOS by pressing Delete F2 or F11(depending on model motherboard) after turning on your PC. Within Setup the BIOS will look for the option Advanced BIOS Features and press ENTER about this option. Will post following options: - First Boot Device - CDROM - Second Boot Device - HDD-0 We return to the previous menu and select Save & Exit Setup and accept a Y and ENTER With the CDROM in the CD / DVD re start the computer to start tion calls the Windows XP. A message like the one shown in the image n bottom. Pressing any key. Installation will begin ac opy files and start the device, while wait. When we reach this point in the installation of pressed ENTER to confirm the installation "Windows ion on a hard drive. Here we show the Windows license that we must accept by clicking F8 to continue installing Windows XP. Now prepare the hard disk to install Windows XP files. Select a partition if any, and preliminary and pressing D . confirm your deletion by pressing L, then press Here we show the unpartitioned space that is similar to the volume of the partition you just deleted. Press C to create the partition, concepts and confirming with ENTER In this new screen select a format or disc Quick NTFS and press ENTER ** If you have any suspicion of disk failure is Jor me DO NOT use the Quick Format option and make formatting normal . This will take us longer sufficient nte, but we will check the integrity of your hard drive (at least that partition, which is the most important). Then the partition is formatted, it will install the basic files and automatically restarts the computer as shown in these images. While we wait without pressing any key. ********************************************************************************************* Windows XP installation (if you use my Windows BlackCrystal and need not continue reading this manual, otherwise you will have to finish making all of the following steps. From now the installation will continue in a graphical and easier. Leave following the course of waiting for installation is required to introduce configuration options. Introduce information relating to language and geographical location when we see this screen. Then we asked the name and the organization they belong. Fill in the details and we will press Next Mind immediately are prompted for the key to our Windows, which comes in the back of the box. Once entered by pressing Next Now we give a name to your computer, the default one is completely valid even if we can put one that is easier to remember. Ibirico escr also an administrator password to provide greater security to our team. Once completed press Next The following is to set the date and time of our system, and the time zone where we are. After completing this process by pressing Next again. When we get to this screen, enter the network settings. If you do not have a network in our home or do not know the parameters of the network, leave the default values ​​to and press Next From this point the installation will continue with the copy of Hivos arc. Now the computer will reboot, and we must not press any key to noarranque from the CD. The installation will ask for the latest configuration data. Configure the screen to accept all the menus that appear. Accepted the first screen of completion of the installation of Windows XP. We omit the verification of your Internet connection. This screen is to activate your copy of Windows. If we are connected to the Internet (a router) select the option Yes, activate Windows over the Internet now . If, otherwise select No, remind me in a few days . Then introduce the user names of people who use the computer. NOTE: This step is very important for proper equipment configuration, as it is at this point which will define the user who will do the functions r Manager (the first to say). The omission of this point is a major cause of subsequent system failures. And so we end the installation. Now we only have to check that Windows has recognized and loaded all drivers we need. Otherwise we will install the missing drivers (graphics card, sound card, etc.).. These drivers should have on the CD of the motherboard (if integrated) or in the CD's concerned, in this case we use the driver that we have saved on a CD, DVD, USB memory, which had previously backed DriverGenius. ********************************************************************************************* NOTE: With this type of installation will erase all files on your computer, so in the case concerned a relocation, we must keep all the data we have it on external media such as CD's DVD's or USB memory devices before starting installation. I hope it will serve both as my
  10. photos My 17 ^^

    That is good?? lol If you loock, the first one its more near. . and took it with a old camara. This year its a new camara, Maybe this change? xD,im the same ^^
  11. Well here my 17 My cook >.< Tryed to do Venice Map lol Photos with Friends
  12. woooooooooooooooooooo nice signatures!
  13. ALo ALo!

    Welcome to Forum, and its nice to hear u have fun ! cya in server
  14. A little problem

    Thanks, worked (:
  15. A little problem

    Thanks, i will try (: