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  1. If I may add... -when snipers complain about smoke, throw more smoke!!! Then shoot near the white bubbles over their head as they type more complaints. -Instead of complaining about campers, cook a nade and run into the camp. Then airstrike the spawn as they complain to the admins about marty. -Camp the camp site. -Use night vision if you hate people spectating you. -Spray those mounted machine guns the entire match. -Use RPG's, always!!
  2. I use to live on the Crossfire 24/7 servers, so I was glad to see the Crossfire Team Death Match back.
  3. Added this post for constructive feedback . Most players look for TDM. I loved the mixed, but think we might be losing some with too much mix. I love the mix, but I only see TDM on Strike map and Broadcast when I log on. FFA is awesome, I would love to keep it, because its only a few minutes anyhow. Tweek if in needed, I no care. Maybe a 50%+ TDM and rest mixed?
  4. To me, it is a little more then the map changes. At first I liked the changes because the old rotation was getting stale. But what I have noticed, is I don't use a mix of profiles anymore. I use to like the option of getting into sniper duels. I also liked having an anti UAV profile with uzi to sneak into sniper camps. At times, pulling the shotgun out for a close range fight was fun. Now, it seams like you need an long range automatic assault rifle out all the time if you want to contribute.
  5. Like: Crossfire Ambush Showdown Dislike: Chinatown Wet works
  6. It's right above the 'leave game" tab when you press escape.
  7. I liked the 10 second timer, mainly to find my next target (ie camper.) Think those complaining are not taking advantage of the feature.

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