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  1. 10 years hoorah

  2. Been so long since I've logged in . So many years has passed and I changed so much , remembered the days when I played ET . Thinking about the past while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxGQhZVSWbw
  3. Well , so many years have passed. I grew up so much. FA came into my mind and all the good days that I had. Thanks for the memories.

  4. I would play it , it was my favorite fps at that time since they found a way to ruin it and it is unplayable since my pc has a blue screen after playing 30 minutes every single match. Contacted EA several times no one has any ****ing idea what to do.
  5. I am way too lazy to post the video. But its Wintersun Beautiful Death I listened to it like 200 times today.
  6. Mask356


    Thank you very much you saved me !
  7. Mask356


    When i browse in the internet or even when im not , a website called wrapper 5nx.net something... just pops up... What can i do to prevent this and what is this... i need your help
  8. Well i havent visited FA since months but one of the topics in spam reminded me that Chernobyl Diaries , well it sucked so much !
  9. Hello everyone. Im here to give the best traditing deal ever! So here is what i offer : 10 dota 2 invites (every single one costs 30 dolars each!) And i want : Chivalry Medieval Warfare as a gift in turn! So answer me in 20 min because i can't do this all day
  10. Someone has something related to this topic????
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