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  1. 3 word story

    big pink stick
  2. 3 word story

    only three letters. . .
  3. Which other games you guys play?

    oh good times playing in Lan, railgun ftw yeah old-school owns
  4. 3 word story

    with three best
  5. 3 word story

    with green bags
  6. weapons

    i played the original rtcw and the snooper rifel just owns doesent matter, if its a night of day map, u can see enemys more clearly and that is one awesome weapon
  7. 3 word story

    quickly and started
  8. 3 word story

    and three chinees
  9. Anime, why not.

    honestly, they are funny, i dont care what ppl think, i love em
  10. Anime, why not.

    only anime what i watch is. . . . . . *hmm*. . . . i cant write it in here .. i hope ull understand what im talking abut oh and futurama and simpsons and family guy, but does thees go under this topic? , other is trash : D
  11. 3 word story

    on theyr Butt
  12. 3 word story

    from ugly midgets
  13. 3 word story

    so what happend?
  14. Best Wolfenstein Video Ever!

    hahahah nice video baska
  15. 3 word story

    hungry polar bears