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  1. Happy Birthday 3p!DeM!C!

  2. Happy Birthday dude!

  3. Happy birthday BHF boy Мај Ñве Ваше ћерке да Ñе роди Ñа 4 уÑнама I'ma link you with some rabies
  4. 3p!DeM!C


    Only laughed at Fu King Chinese Restaurant lol, the rest I've seen em all, I lurk failblog daily
  5. I do those before breakfast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxJ9wdXXbwY Represent!
  6. Welcome, and yeah Winter is best No rain, feel cozy inside the house, INDOOR SOCCER/ FUTBOL
  7. 3p!DeM!C


    Call him Rex man...
  8. Like 95% of Europeans would know the answer, but only 75% of Americans do... Why would you even say there are 10 Eiffel Towers....
  9. I read the comments first lmao Didn;t get me Man posting this on fb
  10. Welcome My Friend. Bienvenue Putain, Lol JK Bienvenue Mon Ami I acutally do speak french lol, fluent
  11. 3p!DeM!C

    Double Fail

    Lol seen most of the bloopers and wipeouts Looking forward to the meteor shower soon .
  12. 3p!DeM!C

    Double Fail

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ2C3DWyaEo&feature=player_embedded Roflmaoooo 2 super fails
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbcwOHvoZbA Vodka, you're feeling stronger Vodka, no more feeling bad Vodka, your eyes are shining Vodka, you are the real MAN Vodka, wipes away your tears Vodka, removes your fears Vodka, everyone is gorgeous Vodka, yeah vodka

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