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  1. Happy Birthday Kom'rk!

  2. Happy Birthday Kom'rk!

  3. Kom'rk


    Dude we should. if someone told me how to start it :3
  4. Kom'rk


    wesker, Juice DID get him. in that battle. 97. i forget who posted it. its like, 2nd page.
  5. Kom'rk


    ah, point made, so you dont like recovery? i love proofs song, "your never over"
  6. Kom'rk


    ouch alexandra... ik frozen doesnt like rap, but whats your beef with him? if i may ask...
  7. Kom'rk


    Juice lso now commands some of my respect o:
  8. Kom'rk


    the thing about ll cool j though... hes so self centered now.. i think thats the word. he transformed into something like a star, instead of a rapper.for example, im cool like that, by him. he was good in that battle though.
  9. snap.. itd have to be.. ham, mayo, cheese, lettuce, and more ham and cheese, topped ohh with white or wheat bread and some mountain dew or chocolate milk !
  10. Kom'rk

    Help D:

    Thanks everyone! (:
  11. Kom'rk

    Help D:

    I dont know where to find it though, thats the problem.
  12. Kom'rk

    Help D:

    Hey guys, i have the =F|A= Mod for W:ET, but it doesnt show the begginer server, how can i get to it? i cant find it on the server list, either...

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