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  1. kobajagi


  2. u use xfire ?

  3. kobajagi

    Bonsai Kitten

    ooooo another hello kitty product 10 points rofl
  4. kobajagi


    hello , next time when u see THIS DUDE with flamer and adren on supply , please run out of spawn ps. hi to all xd
  5. kobajagi


    haha some things u just have to do like pooping or watching porn ... f*** it
  6. xd same from sLOVEnia :)

  7. boom boom boom boomer i want u in my room :D

  8. kobajagi


    xd , here is fresh one from todays suply
  9. ke mas zej une grafite

  10. warming for the new years eve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPu-upPy9hc
  11. mozes da mi pusis kurac sada ?

    ali kasnije ?

  12. lol boli me briga za to

  13. kobajagi

    I am noob

    this is my kittys first video so rate , subscribe and tell all your friends to watch it
  14. yeah season finale was pretty shocking , but god damn now we have to wait till the end of the year for new season :s
  15. kobajagi


    is there dvdrip out yet ? cuz i aint paying to see movies
  16. but im still ur bff No.1 :P

  17. wow u have a lot of friends hell xd


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