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  1. The Tequila Thread

    I'll chime. Probably my favorite drink to shot. I think Milagro is an underrated tequila that isn't very pricey.
  2. I always promised to donate as soon as I started working, so here's $20. Sorry for the inactivity, real life is a b***. Confirmation number: 0TV37758M4863232U
  3. Stealthninja's back?

  4. Back in action

    Love me bby
  5. Johnny "football" Manziel goes late in the draft...

    Not a fan of Manziel. I really don't think he'll do great in pros, unless he gets lucky and gets placed on a great team. That said, I don't like Romo either.
  6. Most disgusting food you ever ate

    Spam and oysters are delicious. Y'all are missing out. Balut has to be the grossest for me.
  7. Happy b-day Mr. Daredevil

    Happy birthday
  8. What is your favorite alcoholic drink ???

    Love my whiskey, but Grand Marnier is one of my favorites. Highly recommend a taste.
  9. free figthing mma

    I think GSP should stay retired. He already wasn't finishing his fights. Don't ruin your legacy GSP!
  10. Who am I really?

    Damn, a lot of this hits home. Really enjoy reading what you have to say, so keep on writing, Another great read.
  11. I'm a Colbert fan. Think he'd do great.
  12. What's in a number?

    Very nicely written.
  13. Learning spawnpoints the hard way

    That was a pretty funny response. Gave me a good laugh lol
  14. Hello !! F/a

    PIRATA <3