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  1. Well written DD. Logged on just to upvote. I've been on the forums since 2010 and I'm glad I got to see the clan grow and last to what it is today.
  2. I'll chime. Probably my favorite drink to shot. I think Milagro is an underrated tequila that isn't very pricey.
  3. I always promised to donate as soon as I started working, so here's $20. Sorry for the inactivity, real life is a b***. Confirmation number: 0TV37758M4863232U
  4. Not a fan of Manziel. I really don't think he'll do great in pros, unless he gets lucky and gets placed on a great team. That said, I don't like Romo either.
  5. Spam and oysters are delicious. Y'all are missing out. Balut has to be the grossest for me.
  6. Love my whiskey, but Grand Marnier is one of my favorites. Highly recommend a taste.
  7. I think GSP should stay retired. He already wasn't finishing his fights. Don't ruin your legacy GSP!
  8. One*Click

    Who am I really?

    Damn, a lot of this hits home. Really enjoy reading what you have to say, so keep on writing, Another great read.
  9. Very nicely written.
  10. That was a pretty funny response. Gave me a good laugh lol

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