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  1. Personally, I'm using sensitivity 3 and I put m_pitch 0.007 to stay at head level more easily. I don't know how people play at high sensitivity and still manage to do good , I only use a higher one when I play a semi-automatic (sniper or rnade launcher). Of course, every mouse is different and your windows settings are too but I'm sure if you tweak them a little, you can use a lower sensitivity and it will be the same! Also, the only configs I have about this are 2 small lines of code in different configs (medic.exe and sniper.exe) that simply changes sensitivity and fov.
  2. Not sure if I should post here but I don't see my name on the list : Donated 5.00$ to participate in the COD4 Game Key raffle, hopefully I'll be able to visit some of our COD members! Confirmation : 2UY34462L11315423
  3. I am an accountant and work for a company that installs/dismantles/moves/does maintenance on aeronautical simulators around the world. I don't get to travel though
  4. Loving my career

  5. Pass by the Silent servers once in a while, we do not bite
  6. to the forums Always nice to play with you on silent!
  7. Happy Birthday Butters! I hope you made your cake yourself!
  8. Always nice to see more people from Québec (I'm from Laval)
  9. It goes by IP adresses, not by the language spoken and basically, every part of the world have a specific IP range and that's how we know in which country people are.
  10. Personally, if I am in combat, I'll just use all my bullets since I don't have time to look at how many I have left. If I just killed someone and I have about 10 ammo left or below in my thompson, I switch to pistol. Then on next fights I get a few hits in with the pistol and if I run out of ammo with it but I think that the enemy is almost dead, I switch to my SMG to finish him more easily - I usually use akimbos more than single pistol though, so it's much quicker to switch weapons than reload those things. Like other people have said, you need to try by yourself and see what you can use those last bullets for.
  11. Quick update : I changed my router, but it didn't help, I still have the same problem. After some more research, some people seem to have the same problem as me and the answer was to update the GEOIP Database for their servers. This isn't urgent in any way so we might want to wait until this problem affects more people before changing anything, if this is even the solution. Thank you
  12. CompleX

    Im blue :P

    The good old 90's

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