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  1. Stoners:Play better or worse while high?

    im so high now
  2. New Soundpack Jay4 / unlimited ammo

    Love em all, "Now im feeling so fly like a G6"
  3. You're An Inspiration For Birth Control!

    wuzzup and welcome
  4. Hi Guys.

    Welcome my friend, im new here aswell, i see u on the front line in jay2!!!!
  5. Wuzzup Et Players Around The World!

    Thanx guys i found were u aply now for F/A and yes some one said they will recomend me, so hopefully i b an F/A real soon
  6. High im new to forums and wana say high to every one I often play Jaymod 4 and love killing bots and geting loads of fragz on this server, i also in jaymod 2 often. I Know this sound silly but how do i got about aplying for an aplication for =l F/A l= ? Thanx