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  1. i'm 2 late sry happy birthday m8
  2. i have 2 stop playing about 3 month i got new work and i have 2 learn some i'll try 2 be here every day if posipole hope

    1. RedBaird


      You loyal subjects are awaiting your return!

    2. pharaoh.


      many tnx my friend soon as possible


  3. i heat whom playing with that shotgun they are not professional anymore we have 2 ban all of them :::: nice topic kel
  4. Yo its Me

    1. pharaoh.


      ok bro all will be fine i'll make u conatact hight admin soon 2 solve your problem

    2. SpyroDragon


      Bro, they act like nobody changes, they obviously aint over the past.

      they rejected my ban appeal.

      from advertising a website twice...

      --- i can see if it was more than twice --

      but honestly?

  5. what aping i change network lan then change pc dont know how 2 fix it

    1. RedBaird


      Post about your problem in "Fearless Assassins → Help & Discussion Center → Hardware Hangout → Hardware Discussion".


      Or you could try "Fearless Assassins → Help & Discussion Center → Software & PC Support"

    2. pharaoh.


      tnx red its working now if any proplem i'll post there

  6. happy new year all

    1. AnG3L


      Same for you mate !

    2. RedBaird


      /bind f5 "say ^3Happy New Year! ^5Boom! --- ^2Bang! ^1--- Booom!" again! :)

  7. happy new year all

    1. RedBaird


      /bind f5 "say ^3Happy New Year! ^5Boom! --- ^2Bang! ^1--- Booom!"

  8. Hey friend how are you ^

  9. when server have my worest enimy thats mean my best game but they must be agnist team may be if ther is atopic for worest English i win
  10. Hope you get back soon, so that I can set your new level! Congrats :)

  11. i'll quit not bad of FIA but i change my work will be hard 2 active here or @ servers ill try any way but will be so hard 1st month @ less just wish good luck 2 me good frinds

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. pharaoh.


      tnx m8s many tnx an sure i'll back when i can

    3. TheJuice


      sup phar! good luck dude :D grats!

    4. FireWienie


      Good luck, come back asap ! :D

  12. pharaoh.


    hello and wellcome 2 fourm

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