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  1. What song are you listening right now? - Part 6

    we called him the king
  2. et server suggestion MP40 and Thomson

    i heat whom playing with that shotgun they are not professional anymore we have 2 ban all of them :::: nice topic kel
  3. who is your worst enemy on your favorite server?

    when server have my worest enimy thats mean my best game but they must be agnist team may be if ther is atopic for worest English i win
  4. hi

    hello and wellcome 2 fourm
  5. ET Server =F|A=FALL GAME DAY Sept. 6/7

    great game day so funny all tnx for that pluser just why pink we all set it for F|A plese tell us why dj asking after respect your choise sry for that but if u pay for me i would regect this coluer but you choise 2 pay for F|A fourm so i abrove that pink just for F|A and all do same
  6. Hello to my Introduction guys

    hello gen wellcome 2 fourm i think you got the link 2 post applection good luck 2 u post it @ right topic
  7. Hello Bros :D

    hello and wellcome
  8. Hey all!

    hello and wellcome
  9. Returning to my roots

    hello and wellcome
  10. EasyesT's Introducing!

    hello and wellcome
  11. Hello all!

    hello and wellcome
  12. Jaymee!

    hello and wellcome
  13. hey all

    tnx all
  14. hey all

    how 2 join fia servers from playstaion its auto i never saw that i can select sever just some one can invite me or thers another way