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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUYf7cGv-6g&ob=av2e
  2. gratz dude

  3. congratz with you promotion :D

  4. what is the problem with the venom? now shoots straight and far away? the nades are ok they have new damage cfg on new nq. do you want more damage or are good? tell me what weapon you want to change and if you want to increase or not the flamer, the kick and...
  5. ok dare i will made a new damage pk3 nani you are a PRO can you send me your cfg?
  6. True, but some players just wanna click their shortcut and play. There's always gonna be some that are not gonna update, how easy it may be. their shortcut will be the same they only have to overwrite their et.exe (for windows) file in their Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory folder Can't stand 1.2.9 anymore; spawning with 1 pistol even though you've checked dual pistols in limbo every single time you died.. cg_limbo_secondary Description Selects the default secondary weapon from the limbo weapon-selection list. Parameters Type: [0|1|2] 0 Single handgun 1 Dual handguns (akimbo) 2 SMG (always get best secondary weapon) Default: 2 http://www.shitstorm...noquarter/wiki/ when something is updated dont cry just try to search in google is your best friend
  7. only is the map mortar sound in old noquarter is the same issue
  8. Leave it as it was without adren adren no because i dont like yonkies with red eyes
  9. File Name: ET patch 2.60b File Submitter: Txok0 File Submitted: 12 Dec 2010 File Category: Software after update to et patch 2.60 you have to copy paste the et and eted files in your wolfenstein folder. in this zip file you have: linux files win32 files macosx files Click here to download this file
  10. File Name: ET patch 2.60 File Submitter: Txok0 File Submitted: 11 Dec 2010 File Category: Software Once you install 2.55 patch, download the 2.6 exe and run it. It will patch your game to 2.6 version. Once that is install replace the ET.exe with 2.6b ET.exe. Note: Start your game as an admin to avoid game/pb issues. Right click -> Properties -> Run as Admin. Click here to download this file
  11. File Name: Industry 2 Final - industry2_final.pk3 File Submitter: Txok0 File Submitted: 15 Dec 2010 File Category: Maps Download pk3 name: industry2_final.pk3 Map name: industry2.bsp Changes from industry1 map - game time is set to 30 Minutes - tank barrier 1 has to be build from the start - no allied team door - health and ammo cabinet - little bit more cover here and there - second spawns for allies and axis - more ways - sounds for tank damage/repair Main: Escort the Tank to the Bunker and blow the Doors. Dynamite the Safe and steal the Secret Documents. Build the Fieldradio to transmit the Secret Orders. In this Mission the Command Post is very important cause it activates Spawnpoints near the Bunker. +Axis - Destroy Tank Barrier #1 - Destroy Tank Barrier #2 - Escort the Tank to the Bunker and Destroy the Doors. - Dynamite the Safe Door. - Steal the Secret Documents. - Build the Fieldradio and Transmit the Secret Order. - Build the neutral Command Post to enable the CP Spawn near the Bunker. +Allies - Build/Defend Tank Barrier #1 - Build/Defend Tank Barrier #2 - Dont let the Axis blow the Bunker Door. - Defend the Safe Door. - Destroy the Fieldradio. - Build the neutral Command Post to enable the CP Spawn near the Bunker. Click here to download this file
  12. File Name: GA EL Kef - GA_El_Kef.pk3 File Submitter: Txok0 File Submitted: 15 Dec 2010 File Category: Maps Download pk3 name: GA_El_Kef.pk3 Map name: ga_el_kef.bsp El Kef is a city taken over by the Axis forces in order backup and cover the Tunisian coast. An allied squad is sent over to El Kef to rob a radio transmitter so Axis forces can receive the crypted messages of Axis defense points. The map is split in 2 main sections: - A first section where the aim is to rush for a forward spawn flag and destroy a main entrance gate. This section is similar to the first part of oasis because the flag and objective are close and a team door allows an attacking team covert ops to open a direct access to the final objective - A second section where the aim is to steal an objective and return it to a truck. There are several ways of reaching this objective, and an important one is a command post which provides an advanced spawn for the team that sets it up. Click here to download this file

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