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  1. Happy Birthday one-up!

  2. Happy Birthday one-up!

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  4. Wut Up One?!!!

  5. Thanks for the quick response Thundercunt!
  6. Hi, I'm in the process of looking at buying a new gaming computer. Is there a file in the wolfenstein game that I can save so when I do get a new computer I can copy it into a newly downloaded version of wolfenstein and keep my game stats and my F|A member tags? Thanks for the help. One-up
  7. one-up

    Jaymod problem?

    Both Jaymod servers and the pro server. The etpub server is fine.
  8. one-up

    Jaymod problem?

    I'm having the same problem. I've deleted the Jaymod file from my wolfenstein program and deleted all of the profiles in the etmain. I've even uninstalled wolfenstein from my computer, reinstalled it, and when I go to etmain F|A's shortcuts are already there. When I check my profile my name is already there. How is this when I 've done a new install?
  9. When I'm playing my FPS ranges from 25 to 50. If I'm not moving and there's nothing going on around me my FPS is around 70. Do u use config? if yes post that config here and if not use it. I'm showing my ignorance but what is config? Oh, I found something you had told to someone else in the forums about how to download download/file.php?id=17 This is a autoexec file that you say to save to your etmain file. I've done this now. Do I need to make any setting changes or does the file do it all for me?
  10. When I'm playing my FPS ranges from 25 to 50. If I'm not moving and there's nothing going on around me my FPS is around 70.
  11. Post u PC specs other then processor. P4 is fine enough to play ET. But u do need graphics card and good RAM. OS doesn't matter unless u run Vista with 512Mb RAM My specs are; Installed memory 1024 MB/pc2-3200 Memory bank 0 512 MB/ddr2 SDRAM Memory bank 1 not installed Memory bank 2 512 MB/ddr2 SDRAM Memory bank 3 not installed Onboard video memory size = 8 MB/0MB/120MB/ This information is what I see when I press f1 when my computer is rebooting. Does this help? I did what you said about changing comhunkmegs. First I typed /set com_hunkmegs 128 and nothing changed. Then I typed /set com-hunkmegs 192 and it said that it would take affect after a restart, so I rebooted my computer. I played ET afterward and I didn't notice much difference. I did it again but tried 256. I haven't played again yet. Do you need any other specs on my computer?
  12. My download is roughly 4,300 KBps and my upload is 650 KBps. If I can get my computer to upload faster would I be able to move and shoot faster? If so, how would I accomplish this? Oh, I'm using windows XP (home edition) and I have a Pentium 4 processor. I'm guessing I need a faster processor. P.S. I've got the blood splatter, brass ejecting off, and quality stuff set at low. for any suggestions.
  13. I've played with a number of people from mexico and most of them have been pretty good players. Maybe we should have a private scrim between the best mexican players and see who survives. lol My hats off to you because I'm nowhere near a pro level. Here's to the newbies in the world!!!!!!

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