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  1. hmm...yup...10mbps really sucks
  2. It's quite cheap in HK But i'm still using the 10mpbs...because of the 24 months contract
  3. Oh i see, i think that's why Hong Kong use fiber optics but China not using it
  4. hope, one day ... USA and other countries can have fiber optics...so that we won't get lag when playing WOFLET
  5. Duke

    OpelGl problem

    Btw... it might not gone too... i have updated my video card. but the problem still exists so i have to reinstall it
  6. Duke

    Hi guys

    Hi...AJ,i thought nobody would see it You saw my apps.? that's great...
  7. hehe... thanks i know i'm lucky... it's quite cheap to get 1000 mbps in Hong Kong, but it normally use in a company... i'm imagining how could it be if i use it to play WolfET with you guys Btw...USA, Tokyo and Hong Kong are three cities which use fibre optics the slowest speed in hong kong are 6mbps. the quickest are 1000mpbs
  8. I'm just feeling happy, so i make this post I'm using quite a slow Network right now >=[ It's only 10mbps...because of the contract...>< Today, when i took a letter out of my home's letter box, i looked at the envelope, it's "HONG KONG BROADBAND NETWORK LTD" That's fantastic, because i love this network company so much!=] It's because it have 100mpbs fibre optic network...it's so fast... I must change to this network after my contract is end btw...i saw something great from the newspaper yesterday, It wrote " 1000mbps fibre optic network is coming ! No more waiting! No more Lagging" that's only $199 Hong Kong Dollars...><
  9. I speak Cantonese [ Fluent ] Mandarin [ Fluent ] English [quite Fluent]
  10. Duke

    Hi guys

    I usually play in #2 Xp SAVE and Recruiting XP SAVE SER
  11. Duke

    OpelGl problem

    this problem is hard to solve... i highly recommend you to reinstall your OS... I had this problem yesterday. Today, after reinstalling the OS, the problem gone!
  12. Duke

    Hi guys

    Hey guys... Nice to meet you guys I'm so happy to join this FA forum... I'm a highschool boy from Hong Kong... I've been playing WolfET for few months... Also, i've been playing in another team for few weeks... I LOVE FA, all members have good manner, good behaviour It makes me feel relaxed when i was playing in FA

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