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  1. Problem's with connecting to F|A Servers

    Ya i do that sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt
  2. Problem's with connecting to F|A Servers

    Hey guys, trying to get back into ET been gone for like 5 months. I got a new PC and i just got done installing ET and the 2.60 patch and im having some trouble connecting to the F|A servers. I get the error that says : Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure Server Check Any suggestions would be much appreciated! ~Thanks~
  3. Problem with joining HARDCORE

    well i guess not...i just tried it again and it worked? thanks for the help
  4. Problem with joining HARDCORE

    Ya im in Admin
  5. Problem with joining HARDCORE

    Hey guys I just got a new computer and i got ET all good to go but when i try to join the Hardcore server it gives me this error "Game code(ui_mp_x86.dll) failed pure server check" If anyone knows the problem and how to solve it, please let me know...havent played ET in months ~Thanks~
  6. Website Mobile Apps for forum updated

    Ya just found out about this app, it's sweet
  7. Hello :)

    Hey man an welcome.
  8. Welcome our new staff member.

  9. Other Happy New Year 2011!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! my new years resolution is to try to get on ET more often
  10. :(

    Alright guys so just got trail like a couple weeks ago And school just started. So ive been getting tons of homework. And on top of that i just got a job so ive been working alot. So there isnt ganna be much time for ET. Im still ganna check the forums and try to get on ET every week end. Soo cya then
  11. Greetings!

    Hia See you on HARDCORE
  12. fuel dumb out ASAP

    Keep desert fuel dump but replace original with baserace
  13. 9-11-01

  14. F|A 2 Sound Pack - Suggestion

    how about panzer noob
  15. Awesome video of parkour!

    That's so bad ass I'm too clumsy to do any off it