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  1. Bel vs Eng, if the Bel starts to really go for the goal, like the Cro started to do in the 2nd half, then yes they could win. This WC has shown you can´t just sit in defense and "make combinations" for the goal. Have to attack with the spirit, like Cro did till the very last sec. Eng has lots of potential- very skilled attackers, ahead with Sterling. They just need to give Kane a lucky charm so he can actually hit the ball in the goal, not on posts:P Again they played it overly safely, let the Cro play. If they started to play the ball more, they can win. Bel has 1 day advantage but they also have older team, so the youngsters should have enough power. Too bad Trippier got injured in the end FRA-CRO in the finals. Seeing how BEL couldn´t handle Mbappe but CRO neutralized Sterling, CRO could win. Though FRA was more decisive on finishing attacks I believe.
  2. That pic with see-saw: easy, you put 2 kids on the other side. Also the kids can learn physics in RL, you can put the heavier kid near to the center so the mr1=mr2. Also stronger kids can push with legs to make the attraction moving. Also 1 kid can walk near middle to balance it out according to the need. Are the kids elsewhere\nowadays so evil\dumb? We could solve the problems easily with different age\weight groups using the see-saw. The difference in weight introduced new possibilities, the heavier side could "win" the other side so the other side would be lift up very high and long- it was FUN. You couldn´t get as high up with balanced weight distribution, as the other side started to scale up very quickly. Now the lighter weighing side had to ask friends to the help to jump clinging to the see-saw to weigh him\her back down to the earth, and you got a game out of a simple swinging on the see-saw. Also the heavier side could make the see-saw bounce more when crash landing on the ground so the other side would jump up high from the attraction. Only the imagination was the boundary for us, not the social norms!
  3. This game is visually stunning, also the gameplay and story look so amazing. I´m really regretting at the moment that I´m from a PC-race.
  4. Antimatter, an interesting subject presented in a slow and boring way. Because can´t watch a 1h long movie for a info which can be provided in 5min worth of reading...
  5. Vanaraud

    Antman And the Wasp

    A family movie? Hmm was thinking it would be more of a action movie... Have to check it out later, summertime + FIFA WC;)
  6. What program has high privilages and takes "pulls" games(ET) to desktop? Do you see mouse flickering, if yes then it´s some program trying to get ET minimised. If not then it might still be mouse. Now I remembered, I had to turn my mouse polling rate from 1000Hz to more reasonable 500Hz or even lower. It can cause problems. Just checking, do you have wired mouse?
  7. What, another grandpa still kicking some serious ... MI movies have always been good\watchable. Too bad all those good movies(antman, deadpool, Sicario 2!!!) come out in summer time, when theres beach to be with sun;)
  8. Hopefully something in this WC can beat the boredom out of me, CRO-RUS is especially dull...
  9. The 7-series of Intel CPU-s are outdated;) 8-series provide 2 more cores on same class, even better, get a AMD CPU for streaming purposes. Take a note at Viewer side Performance Again this Kingston A400 as in the other post put up here lately. This is some hot stuff in India? Can´t even get info of on what NAND and Controller it´s built on... WD Black SSD, ADATA SGX 8200(and NOT 8000), HP920, Samyong, Crucial MX500, anything with new 64-bit BICS\3D NAND will perform better than this cheap scrap they were producing for 2-3 last years. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/crucial-mx500-ssd-review-nand,5390-5.html Also where from hell do people get the notion that you need a PC to produce 144FPS for a 144Hz+ monitor?! It´s 2k18;) Even when you are using Sync, you can use Free Sync which keeps up even on higher frames and not only on 60Hz. Anyways believe me and any other guy who has gone from 60Hz monitor to a 144Hz monitor, you don´t want to fall back to tearing laggy slow picture of a monitor producing 60Hz. I´m sure Sunlight could make you a good graphical presentation of how frames are shown on a monitor but the point being: human eyes can´t see more than 60Hz, that´s true. BUT the technology doesn´t present perfect 60Hz/60FPS picture, so you need faster switching between frames to smooth things out. (Vsync tried to do it but it introduce a way to high input lag, even a slow poke like me noticing the moment it is turned on, not to mention pro players, especially on FPS game). a 30€/$ PSU? Would switch it out. The best and cheapest Blu ray player out now is PS\xbox, the 50.- you pay for Blu ray reader doesn´t include 200.- software to watch movies, PS\Xbox do;)
  10. How many times Brazil attacked and hit on the goal? And they still didn´t managed to get a goal?:O Also on 1st half time they stopped attacking and started to play "slowly"? Also when Belgium attacked near goal they fooled 1 vs 1 or 1 vs 3 and got a shot. Brazil had their chances only after changes were made. They got the ball and stood behind Bel defence line like headless chicken, not knowing what to do next... You have to a) attack b) pass the ball quickly (preferrably wall passes) Makes me wonder what were Brazil doing or thinking?
  11. Lol at the last pic DJ. Was playing volley and a teenage girl was amongst full grown men. Poor girl was crushed with full power when she and a teammate went for the ball. She smiled and played on shrugging it off like it was less than bite from mosquito. And so 2-3 times per game. Was just laughing at the comedy on the football field but now whenever I see a full grown ATHLETE falling and crying like a baby I have no respect to them at all.
  12. Akinfejev goes to the list with legends like: Buffon and Casillas etc. Caught 2 Penalties from Spain. Not that it´s suprising, thought as much before hand. Favourite teams dropping like flies, all hopes are on Brazil now;)
  13. FRA-ARG match was done before it started. There was little hope that ARG would get their feet out of their bellies and start moving but still most of the game they got the ball: a) lost it b) watched around like mindless zombies not knowing what to do with it. Also on the duel between Mbappe vs Messi, one of them took the ball and hit the goals, the other was just blocked. But what a match 4-3 goals, 7 goals per match, not bad at all. And POR-URU looked the same- POR started to push it, but only when they were badly after. Those are finals already, not the time to sit and wait anymore. This Cavanni Suarez combination was nice to watch. Too bad Cavanni had to leave the game in the end, anyone knows what happened to him? The WC has been awesome so far, just when one thinks he has seen beautiful goals, someone comes and hits 2 of them.
  14. Tulsa, check out the linked review;) Samsung isn´t on the top anymore, new Micron\Toshiba 64layer 3D NAND chips are very good also. If the price is lower also, then I don´t see any point to get Samyong anymore. My point was also to get NVME SSD than overpriced Samsung SATA SSD. Exceptions aside(INtel 600p), most of NVME SSD-s are faster than SATA SSDs. There´s one thing to consider, DRAM-less SSD-s can´t be made to OS SSD-s other than on newest OS\MOBO. There are good options for cheap SATA SSD-s in US also, like MyDigital SSD-s... EVGA G3 is a fail from EVGA, it´s loud as tourbine. I´d go with old good G2... That´s a good point on excess on GPU-s on Nvidias stock, they sent back to fab about 300k GPU-s, one can expect some good deals considering the news.
  15. Definitely take 6GB version of GTX 1060: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-graphics-card-roundup,4724-2.html 3GB version puts out less FPS and 3GB restricts how much you can turn up the level of the Texture Details on some games. So 3GB is a NO, NO. Dunno about Kingston A400 as I couldn´t find a review with 1st search but I´d recommend: https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=adata+sx8200+&N=-1&isNodeId=1 Review: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/adata-xpg-sx8200-ssd-review,5584-3.html (HP920 and WD Black are good also, those are NVME SSDs: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/wd-black-nvme-ssd-review,5530.html) From SATA SSD-s Crucial MX500 is a good one. From PSU-s there isn´t much more choises from quiet PSUa than Corsair RMx series. There is a new revision out also for RMx 750W, which is even more improved and smaller in dimensions. IF you play on 1080p and need the highest FPS, then i7 would be a good choice, especially on modern MP games, but on 1440p and on SP a i5 is more than enough.

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