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  1. Heya all

    Ok ty =) see ya
  2. Heya all

    I'm expecting now for 2 weeks too join F|A , and had still no answer. Hopely have some answers From the biginning of next week i'll remove my desktop for 1 month, because I have exams (and I need to work very hard ) I hope too see you very fast on server so we can talk and know each other a bit bette See ya
  3. OpelGl problem

    aha ok ^^ I ask a friend of mine and he sad that, because I have a little notebook for school, I can't open GL with sucky vid card ^^
  4. OpelGl problem

    I'm can't open Wolfenstein with my laptop, because there is a problem with OpelGl =( I WANNA PLAY IN CLASS!!!! xD
  5. Hello

    all done now I think =)
  6. Hello

    euh how do I putt GUID code in profile???
  7. i'm back

    Sorry for late answer was on holiday =) Ty all for this welcome =)
  8. Hello

    Game Name: Say'Aha Xfire : / if I need to have it i'll download it =) Location : Geneva Do you have 40K XP? : Yes Age: 18 How often do you play: Around 1-2 hours a day Do you use vent ( Yes / No ): No F|A Server you play on most : Jaymod 1 Your expertise: ( C, C++, html, java, .net, map maker, etc) : ??? Referral (Which member referred you):[/code] Saizou
  9. Hello

    Yep I guess so ^^
  10. Hello

    It's just Say'Aha ^^ Say is ok =) Geneva is in Zwitserland (Ginebra = spanish ^^) I play in F|A recruiting "XPS" (since 6 month) with many F|A players =)
  11. Hello

    Hi i'm Say'Aha, I'm 18, I live in Geneva. I signed in on forum to join F|A clan (Wolfenstein ET) Hope I'll get invitation or confermations See ya