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  1. Man I got 35 to 40 fps with a 6 core 4.5 8gb and hd 6x graphic card thats jokes but the game is sick
  2. yea i just got home and am downloading it is it good? whats you fps on this bf4 i have 20.38 and on bf3 i have 100+ its this just because the game is beta?
  3. its a online multiplayer game
  4. THis is mine Baby CORSA D VXR modified to 350bhp http://www.autotrader.co.uk/articleresources/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/Vauxhall-Corsa1.jpg http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/upload/19176/images/vauxhallcorsa2.jpg
  5. nice adddons soon i be on the server tell me when you lot will be on there.
  6. I never Camp i just rush in and kill everybody thats is on my way
  7. i will come i just downloaded the game to my new pc so i see you on there late tnite guys
  8. When i connected to the server i kicked me right away looks like it lost connection server needs to be restarted! Or and plugin updated.
  9. Hey guys this is the new game coming out http://www.vg247.com/2013/09/02/wolfenstein-the-new-order-gameplay-footage-and-video-interview-inside/
  10. MoAZeR

    Am back

    Hello, Sup guys i am back to the gaming sence i will be back on the 8 10 th next month i was so busy with my house move the studies that i had no time to do anything now i am going on holiday to poland then spain after that i will have time to play again with you all great to see you all again i saw baska yesterday and GI good feeling so hey guys again give me updates! Regards, Adrian
  11. Hey guys dose anyone play this game called http://defiance.com/ is yes add me MoAZeR Regards, Adrian
  12. MoAZeR


    amazing car!!!
  13. MoAZeR

    CS:GO Gaming Night

    if am at homw i ill be there!
  14. Messi is good but he gets bumed licked Christiano Ronaldo should be the one wining this!
  15. MoAZeR

    Changes to the server!

    Damm Do you know when because iof we still had a bit of time maybe we could make it work ? and if we would i would use my credit card to support it
  16. Hello, I was thinking we could make the server a 24/7 TDM CANALS or a CQ Server we would attract more players i would have few on my mates playing on it what do you lot think? Regards, Adrian
  17. This is my ride, CORSA C 1.2 16v but soon i am changing the engine for a 2.1 twin turbo to get 260 BHP out of this little monster now it has 110 with all my mods

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