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  1. Looking for cancer survivors and your stories. I'm starting a new podcast with interviews from cancer survivors to hear how you got through treatment and recovery. What did you do to cope mentally and how active were you throughout the process. The ups and downs, what was your life like before the diagnosis and how did it change your life? Stuff like that. I'm a two time cancer survivor and I'm looking for ways to encourage and motivate others who have been diagnosed with cancer.
  2. I pretty much have a glass of wine with my wife every weeknight while we relax before bedtime. Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon ($9.89ish) is my preference cost wise and taste but more importantly the cabernet sauvignon's have a high concentration of resveratrol. Good for your heart, blood pressure and cholesterol. Whiskey: I prefer Johnnie Walker Black Label (32.99ish)
  3. Going under the knife again Tuesday for a rotator cuff repair. Probably be MIA for a bit. Won't be able to play effectively but I'll stay active on the forums. 

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    2. captnconcrete


      i had mine repaired last yr omfg  it doesnt feel good.


      be careful u dont bump it and the ice machine they give u is your best friend freeze tons of small Gatorade bottles and put in it .. it was my best friend for 4 weeks.


      if i had it to do over knowing what i know now i wouldnt ever  do it.!i can constantly feel it .. all the time. the therapy after is pretty scary at first too. good luck bro hope it goes well.

    3. Old Timer

      Old Timer

      Thanks capt. I bought a DonJoy Cold therapy machine on ebay for $60. I have six water bottles in the freezer to trade out when I need to. This is a complicated surgery too. I tore the supra and infra which  then retracted to the far rear of my shoulder. The first surgery was unsuccessful but I found a different orthopedic surgeon using a newer technique. He'll use a cadaver graft to tie in to the rotator cuff and attach it to the front of the shoulder like a tow strap. Thanks for the advice. 

    4. Old Timer

      Old Timer

      Update:   Surgery went well, back home now. Rehab and recovery for 3 to 6 months. Woo Hoo. 


  4. Old Timer


    Hello there, Welcome.
  5. Beef and red wine. It's what's for dinner!


    1. Vindstot


      Bon appetite :)

  6. @captnconcrete Hey brother, It's never too late to get back into it. That push-up/sit-up deal sounds brutal! I might add that in after I have my surgery. I hope you can get back into it.
  7. @GoogalaJones To start out I would recommend just the basics to get started. Dumbbells are always good to work with. Upper body one day. Lower body another day. Core work every day. Keep the volume high and work on speed under control. I follow Joe DeFranco and Smashwerx on youtube. DeFranco is awesome for strength and conditioning. Smashwerx is Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer. He gives free tips on any kind of joint or muscle issues athletes run into. I've always trained Westside for powerlifting. Just like meal prep, always change your training every week or two. Don't let your body adapt.
  8. @GoogalaJones That's awesome. If you're interested I can point you towards some good conditioning. Do they have any type of equipment there?
  9. @Sonofdoc What position do you play? I train a few local high school athletes for their respective sports. I'd love to trade ideas. Always looking for ways to improve my product.
  10. @Symfony We save so much money doing meal prep. We rarely eat out except for special occasions. So much more free time during the week also. @GoogalaJones Do you switch up the menu from week to week or every so often?
  11. @HZOP I had to completely redo my diet years ago when I had cancer. I always ate pretty decent but I still craved my share of sweets and fast food. After chemo though, I completely quit fast food and a lot of sugar stuff. Diet is definitely a hard one to change. My wife and I started a keto diet recently and I'm loving it. I had to adjust my carbs somewhat due to my activity level but my wife loves it.
  12. @rambozo37 @HZOP That's awesome guys. Love to see others with a passion for living healthy. @CheepHeep Lol, Nothing like a good cheeseburger brother. I think I might go have one right now. Just bought six lbs of ground beef for the week. Time to make some burgers.
  13. Does anyone do any kind of weight training or conditioning out there? It's been a passion of mine since I was twelve. Even at 51 I stay active in the gym at least four days a week. I'd be interested in hearing about what other people do to stay healthy.
  14. Just seeing who out there might meal prep to cut down on cooking time throughout the week. I started about three years ago and wish I had started way sooner. I was always intimidated by it when my friends showed pics of how they did it. Now that I'm married my wife loves it. I do ours on Sunday and it takes less than two hours to complete. Interested to see if anyone else does it and what you do. Love trying new ideas.

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