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  8. Heellllooo all I need precision about our recruit rule coz hate& team recruit on beginner euro server.well ***ice*** start play on server few week ago now.and now 2-3 week he was recruit by hate&blackberry the leader....I have to confess it i dont have evidence of this .But yesterday he recruit this guy Hate&Bulykin' who put tag name on server and black was connected too. Someone ask him before i saw that: hey black why you recruit on server is not allowed.black say: it was on xfire(my ass) .Today i go on server and he do same thing he recruit Hevean (hate&hevean) but they leave server and he comeback renamed.so i ask him black recruit you .He say :yes and it was on xfire... Well that why i need precission about our rule.This behavious is it legal or not? I want add other think about this blackberry on top of that guy crying, winning ,stacking,insulting other player,dont respect admin decision,never follow rule server with her sl team.he do sl whoring with her team ,i speced him and saw him waite hate&biggie come whit a knif in this hand on can4 near the spam and wait be killed by blackberry without making anything like 20 times.and same today on marakech at the back door...I have warn those guy the first time i see that but they have do it again and they ll do it again and again .well i read the rule again and not see what i can do for that situation .i wait recomanded to other admin for help me you need a back side cleaning come online :x i can do it for u see u on beginner euro Dr.$3x Toy'$
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