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    skateboarding mmorpg's and COD4 lol a little sports every here and there
  1. Happy Birthday SL!VER!

  2. SL!VER

    Man....I friggin....

    wow dude poor dog. and poor car. WTH MAN! DONT KICK HIM WHILE HES DOWN! lol jk hve been fortinute to only hit deer and birds
  3. SL!VER

    my first montage

    nice fred nice
  4. i dont know if these are funny or just plane F&*(ed up LOL
  5. SL!VER

    Double Fail

    wow super cool
  6. SL!VER

    Lucky boy

    dont be hatin man lol its funny
  7. I PICK D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. welcome snake hey on super smash bros you are one of my favorite people to be that aside welcome
  9. no problem man i like to vote when i can i dont think i help much but w/e

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