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  1. Working very hard is completely worth it. Congratulations on your new achievements guys.
  2. Server Update COD4 Server Update - New IP's

    No more lag issues I'm so happy now i could cry Ty , ty and ty
  3. Monthly COD4 KDR Award June 2012

    I know i wont win the award duhhh but i'm just happy to post here , its my first post on this section Gl to the next ones http://www.mediafire.com/i/?uz8m5gpaxqmhu8f
  4. How do I demo cheaters?

    What she said + http://fearless-assassins.com/tutorials/article/195-how-take-demos-and-screenshots/ have funn
  5. Happy π Day

    I had no idea about this Happy pi day I guess lol
  6. Knife only

    I like the idea and actually we tested this theory on f|a a few days ago, we were just a few memb. and 4-5 players so we had our little knife war. But as soon as the server got full again we had to stop it since we couldn't force them to, so that happen for one map and to be honest it was enjoyable for everyone and peops just love it. I'm not sure but i think there r 1 or 2 servers that runs this type of game in the cod list and its constantly full. That means that there r players looking for something like this and i don't think it would be empty especially if it will have our tags on ... The main concern r the rule breakers will give the admins some hard work not only well have to look out for ls, gl, and marty we will also must add flash, stune, smoke nades and obviously weapons perks to the list. It will sure be a challenge but that's up to the founders now xd
  7. Guinness

    lol ? I really like this guy so enjoyable to play with... Anyways welcome to the forums stranger xd
  8. Honey, I'm homeee

    Ohhh poor u Sry to hear that u got hurt but i'm sure will be just fine xd Anyways was nice to see u again on server, forgot how fun it was to knife u Wb stranger xd
  9. why doi keep crashing with iw3mp

    That's what i thought so too but i do remember a wile ago someone saying that it will be a good idea to bumb the topics that are more important to avoid this. Does that still applies?
  10. why doi keep crashing with iw3mp

    Why do we have 2 topics with the same error? lol Just curious http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/23320-iw3mpexe-has-stopped-working/
  11. Other Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day =F|A=
  12. Who do you love on =F|A=? :)

    Funky, Milly, Theo, Joe, Speedy, '84, AJ, Lain, Owns, Big, Rod...and many others but they all know that my favorite stalker will always be rolfy
  13. Why do you love =F|A=? :)

    First is an amazingly fun clan to play with, friendly, really organized and involved. Second is made up of people who get the job done by leading when it’s their turn to lead, and following when it’s their turn to follow. And last We accept only the best...no exceptions!
  14. Handle with care

    Don't listen to speedy doc, we'll go easy on u, don't we guys?
  15. Happy B-Day Milli

    Happy b-day stranger