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  1. Happy Birthday grizzly!

  2. just got my new guid

  3. just got my new guid

  4. hey guys and girls i've finally started playing wolf et again after about a year. hopefully i can reconnect with some of you

  5. hey all it has been around a year since i played and i have a new computer. how do i get my etkey?
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. HappyBirthdayDude:)

  8. Drink a few drinks for me :D

  9. Grizzzzz buddy Happy birthday man :)

  10. Register your name on SL so I can add u to our clan page!

  11. Merry Christmas! =)

  12. i'm pretty bummed that i lost my xp on jay 1 due to total computer crash



      if you can find your etkey you can get your identity back, use an external hard drive case to search you old hard drive, or plug it into another computer as a second hard drive.

  13. there is a haxor on jay 2 with two names; redsector and fix//http someone please come ban

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