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  1. turkoxp

    I'm back.. i hope ! xD

    well i can't even update the drivers with out a blue screen.. with the atikmpag.sys. Lol xD! I try everything, post in shappire forum and asus forum still the same... and in the end i think is the video card, becouse i read that alot of people had problem with that video card too :/ so it's time to change it xD! with the lag now is 100-200 is the "normal" ping for me.. remember that i'm from argentina xD!
  2. turkoxp

    I'm back.. i hope ! xD

    still have some problems.. but.. it 's my videocard :/. I will buy i new one soon so i wil try then T_T! lol thanks for all the help guys!
  3. turkoxp

    I'm back.. i hope ! xD

    First of all Thanks you all !!! my ping now is 150-200 is better than 350 lol! now i need to make my FPS more stable.. i can have more than 100 but always when i'm in a fight i go down to 25fps.. and in some maps to 5-7. Maybe becouse i join the jaymode.. idk. Thanks! =) Unknown ty bro i play some times with u time ego ! See ya
  4. turkoxp

    I'm back.. i hope ! xD

    Hi guys! i'm back.. i hope... and i re installed ET, but idk why i have so much ping... i used to play with 150.. now i have 350... it's a lot! i have 20mb of internet. My Computer is: Mother Board: Asus Crosshair IV Extreme – Socket AM3 Box Memory : 12gb Video card: ATI Shappire Readon HD 7850 (2gb – GDDR5 - PCI-E) Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 (3.2Ghz) 955 Black Edition – Socker AM3 Source: TR2 RX 700w – Thermaltake Gabinet: SopranoRS 101 – Thermaltake Hard Disck: WD5001AALS – 32mb - Western Digital. I should make a CFG for this.. and i really dont remenber anything xD! Thanks ----------------------------------------------------- I cant select my Connection, when i do it go to Unselected again.... idk why... y want to play but no with that ping! lol xD! i need also see my fps any help?
  5. turkoxp

    Do people still play bf3?/4

    i play BF4... there is no platoon xD!
  6. turkoxp

    ATI UPDATE, BUG + Blue Screen

    Windows 7 ultimate x64
  7. turkoxp

    AMD GPUs, and beta drivers.

    uhmmm some people didn't have problem with the beta drivers. other have... so is up to you. Maybe you should just use the lastest but not the beta one.. xD! For me i'm stack at 13.9, when i update it.. i have the blue screen and my monitor turn off and on xD! Try the beta one and if u don't like it.. remove it ! xD!
  8. turkoxp

    ATI UPDATE, BUG + Blue Screen

    I had to install the version 13.9, yo make this SS xD! Here you go Thanks for ur help =)
  9. Hi guys! i have the SAPPHIRE RAEDEO HD 7850 2gb OC, and when i want to upgrade de dravers from 13.9 to another my screen go crazy... turning off and then on with diferents bugs and things! anyone can help me? i google and didn't work.. i already clean all the files from ATI and that thingsT_T! anyone can help me? I attached the files with the bugs and my computer hardware! thanks =)!!!! see ya !!
  10. Good news everyone! i will finish the univerity soon and i will be able to play with you guys! :)

  11. Hi everybody!!!

    1. Leichensammler


      heyho...good to hear smth from u:)


  12. how are u dude! XD!

    1. Leichensammler


      fine mr Japan....hehe....hope u r also okay...see u maybe in the future on BF4

    2. turkoxp


      i hope u could buy the new videocard to play with me :)

  13. Uhmm... how are u guys?... i'm really busy with the University! T_T

    1. Leichensammler
    2. daredevil
    3. turkoxp


      WAZAAAUP! :D


      Still playing? i will try to back soon =)

  14. Happy Birthday turkoxp!