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  1. Happy Birthday ddog12340!

  2. ddog12340

    Hey Guys!

    Yea man i know its been atleast a year but I might start playing more when my bro gets out of school for summer break!
  3. ddog12340

    Hey Guys!

    Hello Everyone, I know its been along time since I've played, but I'm going to try to play some more this summer. I just cant find any time anymore but hopefully ill be back on Wolfenstein. See you guys later! Love, Ddog12340
  4. Happy Birthday darckness!

  5. Happy Birthday moumoumouette!

  6. Happy Birthday ddog12340!

  7. Would anyone wanna play dead island with me and my bro my xbl name is xRunxNxGunx69
  8. hey dude! wassup?

  9. ive been busy with work and my bro has liftin so i have to caoch their team n stuff

  10. duuuuuuuuuuuuude :) where u been

  11. ddog12340

    Im BACK!!!!

    Hey F|A whats good homies imma start playin more and imma try to get on here more but me and my bro usually play xbox and stuff if you want to add me xRunxNxGunx69 and i get on youtube some too RunNGun20 Ddog12340 signing out.
  12. Hey man whats up long time no see catch me up some time and well play et


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