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  1. Where you at silly Speedy? :)

  2. Even I am in the screenshot, who would have thought that! Panzer and sniper only maps were fun. Thanks
  3. Wifestein

    Baska's Pregnancy

    THE F*CK is all i can say. is this for real? thought u were 100% gay, guess not lol, congrats i guess.. u better get ur own place soon then
  4. Shame you didn't film the 18+ trickjump room I don't know most of those maps!
  5. Wifestein

    Comfortable Chair

    you game naked? with one hand? nvm, i dont want details...
  6. lol this topic so dumb, just buy ur game on steam, if ur cheap, wait for it to be on sale
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6p_Qtylumw best video....
  8. So true, even lesbians fall in love with the gubbinator <3
  9. And then you get drunk and get hit on by grannys!

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