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  1. Happy Birthday lSaVaGel!

  2. Happy Birthday lSaVaGel!

  3. Deactivated as requested in status message.

  4. I just found out im not as damn sexy as i thought!!!

  5. lookin at that avitar it all adds up why u drink soo much... ohh yea!!! shes probably got a big heart!!!

    1. SMEE


      lol sav. nice to see you around again!!!

  6. WOW i leave for a lil bit and this is what came about huh... Sexy legs kev hahaha!!!
  7. Hey Yoyo, How are u doin man? hope ur doin good old friend... take care brotha!!!

  8. Happy Birthday neverm!nd!

  9. Happy Birthday WarMongrel!

  10. Happy Birthday Lightning Count!

  11. Happy Birthday Savage!

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    2. DJ aka GDR DJ

      DJ aka GDR DJ

      happy b-day bro

    3. Nielsvd


      Have a good one, mate!

    4. MaKy


      Happy Birthday mate, have a good 1

  12. damn thats a long time ago. look at the fire team lol... Ahh the good old days... we still got plenty of good days to come.