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  1. iOmen


    Oh should I of filled this out like SiD suggested or .... I dunno, its done now )
  2. iOmen


    Thought I'd say to hi to everyone, sooo HI New to this game but enjoying its fast pace, not like other games I used to play like R6S to much sneaky corner peeping compared to this and CS CoD Enjoying FA servers to but only jaymod so far, havent tried silent or NQ but ppl are very friendly especially admins so I thought time to look at forums Alot of stuff on here to read through )
  3. Iomen is the master of this. It's frustrating! BUT, I started doing this more, too. Especially when BOTs are on the server. Let them go ahead and flush out the campers. Ok so tactics - U may not know this kipkat (as u only play med) as u run off healing urself, but playing engi, you need to get to objective with as much health as possible, to build bridge, fix tank destroy barrier etc. When an engi take damage, u have to take that to the next fight and the next till u get to obj, so I use players, bawts, smokescreen wotever to keep as much xp as possible. I cant run off and
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