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  1. cingrats man hows the baby doing so far
  2. i got my 40k xp hope i get in
  3. ^sh@d0w^


    you all ways kill em with arty 1 day i will get you back welcome to forums
  4. for joining the forums hope to see you soon
  5. ty nrgy and see you in game soon
  6. everyone who welcomes me to forums and everyone that commented on my app hope to see you all on =F|A= server very soon
  7. going to get 40k xp soon

  8. ^sh@d0w^


    ty i got it submited
  9. for this problem do i patch it with 2.6b and if i do i dont now the link
  10. hello man nice to meet you hope to see you in game sometime soon!
  11. ^sh@d0w^


    i got my 32 digit code but were do i put it?