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  1. Happy Birthday ultraman!

  2. Happy Birthday ultraman!

  3. ultraman doesnt look happy...

  4. how did u get your siggy?

  5. sorry all for not being on here as frquently as i should have been.

    1. Hulk


      How ya been long time no see :)

  6. happyBirthdayMyFriend:)


  7. Happy Birthday ultraman!

  8. Medic, does this new exe and server issue mess up peoples et game bookmarks theyve stored or kept?? and also, when we do update with this, do we need to redo some of the settings in the console??
  9. hey sport, thought id drop by and say hey and how the heck are ya???,lol

  10. time to say hello....HELLO

  11. wow, another one bites the dust,lol... You reely shouldnt leave on that lame excuse bud. Like someone said above, youll get tired of that soon enuf.
  12. Nice work guys. Sounds and looks like ya got him fixed of his problem...
  13. Anybody that stops by and wants to post a message, feel free to and I'll try and post a reply asap. Thanks!

  14. Thunder, you can attach the number thats not currently in use,lol .. Thats fine with me, seeing as how it doesnt reely matter what number I get. If youd like, you have my permission to post er in my profile page, as that would be fine with me also. Thanks ahead again for your efforts. Gotta have me one of those. LOL

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