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  1. @joo forgot that again
  2. Haha mich questions I’ll answer everything u want so go on with beding ‚aus Dem Häuschen‘ 1. yes and no , im still studying so my knowledge is also from before .my study is more for business administration ( just 50% is specific plants and technical ) 2.mostly not but I’m learning drawing plans with my hands 3. for sure there are rules ( not algorithm ) that’s just from knowledge about plants 4. sometimes but not often ( if private investor wants it ) 5.designed from me 6. For sure several types of grass , depends on the use for 7. ju
  3. here another 2 , the prob is im doing much more then just plants so ....:D in future ill take better pics for u https://easyupload.io/m/tkts2q pasword : =F|A=
  4. here is another project ive done , not that easy to find pics with enough plants for u jo https://easyupload.io/m/58lvne password : =F|A=
  5. yea butt its just the beginning so ... i think private gardens are more interesting
  6. so this is on an graveyard and it will be for urngraves. picture is from 26.1.2021 (first day of work there) video is from yesterday https://easyupload.io/m/d9bils password: =F|A= ( ill post more for u if u want from private garden i have done , just have to search in thousand of handypictures )
  7. so i got some of my actually project , but how to upload ? its like 200 mb
  8. ye sure , plants are big part of my job. im doing for private people all around the house. ( full garden, parking, pools sometimes and so on )sometimes also things in public. its very much knowledge i have to learn .in the future ill get the company of my boss, thats why im doing master
  9. hehe ok jo , should i do that here ?
  10. hi everyone , its philipp here. im 26 ,actually doing landscape gardener master and im living in germany near cologne. i have started playing ET something like 12 years ago and had a break of 5 years till now. if you wanna know some more about me just ask
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