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  1. Hey, Thank you @Xiahou Dun my friend! Yeah I know FL studio, but I already use mainly Ableton Live, Max/MSP and Protools (this last one I don't like but useful for synchro). I did my last album exclusively on Ableton.
  2. Private for now, so only for you guys. See the comment below (very below) the vid (Jo ) Electro Ambient stuff, all good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ittKrwHmLfM&feature=youtu.be

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Hello guys, I'd like to propose Glider - https://et.trackbase.net/map/240/ For there have been a little problem yesterday evening, could we mod Siwa Oasis Classic in order to unable the double jump on the dynamitable wall (highten it)?
  4. (skip the blabla) And this music can cure the depression, as I hope my album makes you good dreams.
  5. Sorry, I fail the link. (I made a topic in Music topic) Here's it is:

    EN1s Mus1k

    Hello dear fellows, be the joy fills your little rose heart. I'm a former pro musician - mainly jazz and hip hop trumpeter and keyboarder (when I play in band). My actual bands in jazz are Grove One, JM Jazz World, Jean-Pierre Derouard 6tet (an album to come when the stage reappear), Guru Jessy. In Hip Hop, Adam l'Ancien, S.E.E (for Simple et Efficace), Rel Soli, Sitback. Almost every projet has some music on the internet, if you want, I can write some links to it. No momento, my main projet, due to the pandemia, is my own in solo, a released
  7. Thank you guys! @GHARIB: In IT, I've a Licence Science pour L'ingénieur (SPI) Info/Acoustique. So I did signal processing (convo, Fourier, etc.), acoustics, and specifically in IT It was programming (system, network, oop, prolog, etc.). Overall I loved graph and grammar (LL2, context sensitive, etc.), and Ruby my best langage.
  8. Hello good people, Let me introduce myself. I am pro musician, trumpeter and keyboardist, 26 yo from Nantes - FR. I love speak french, english and portuguese (for I lived in Brazil for a time). But some of you speak polish, so I want to understand it, I'll learn, ffs! I had a young - though plentiful - career in music production, composition/arrangement and on stage (jazz, hip hop), belong to about 6 bands as leader (check Grove One, Ewen Cousin, on YouTube) or sideman. I had a tour with the JM Jazz World (jazz big band) starting in 2020 in
  9. Oh hey, you finally joined the forums.


    Welcome mate :) 

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