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  1. Yeah exactly, guid got lost tried relog and got autobanned
  2. i was able to join last night with IP. but still not able to see servers. @Snuffs Thanks i will check that out!
  3. Can't load any servers. Uninstalled & redownloaded, still no servers are shown and cant connect with IP adress. Anyone has an idea how to fix this?
  4. Nice Kills Shrooms ;) 


    cry mushroom GIF

  5. NUUUUURSSE!!!!!

  6. So where did KR In Silent go? I noticed its quite a bit less crowded since it got removed.
  7. Mushrooms

    Gardening Mushroomie's Project

    Good point, thank you!
  8. Mushrooms

    Gardening Mushroomie's Project

    Hey all of you! i've been working on a website where in the near future people will be able to order mushroom grow kits and easily cultivate mushrooms at home! We are aiming to go live On the 1st of Januari and i would like to gather as much opinions on it as i can possibly get. The website is www.Wecreatelife.nl , Looking forward to hear your toughts on design, information and anything that can be inproved! Thanks and Mush love
  9. Thank alll of you I Love you, Especially you!!
  10. First name: Hanz Any sort of Nickname?: The Mushroom man Age: 25 What country are you from?: Netherlands Are you a Parent?: fug No How many siblings do you have?: 2 What do you do for a living?: i grow mushrooms and give workshops in cultivation. Greatest Fear?: George Orwell's books coming true. Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Nighttime Rainforrest hikes, travel the world, Psychedelics, founding a non-profit organization, organizing exhibitions in Australia, graffiti painting on trains etc etc.. First thing you look fo
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