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  1. I only rage when I play Halo 3 BECAUSE I HIT THE FREAKING MELEE BUTTON FIRST! WTF I 4 SHOTTED HIM! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! When I play other games I'm super cool and relaxed. No worries about losing or dying.
  2. Some spicy hot takes in this thread
  3. Oof. Who would of figured this game would last so long that jokes become outdated and offensive to a new generation of players.
  4. I watched The Virgin Suicides starring James Woods and Kirsten Dunst. What a pretentious load of shit. Do NOT recommend.
  5. A little fat is a great trade off for not being a smoker Congrats on the upcoming two year mark. I'm looking forward to my one year mark.
  6. Welcome back to the civilian world.
  7. Good job on the progress
  8. Is that one of those old R.A.T mice that Madcatz used to come out with?
  9. mewt


    I'm tall, dark, and handsome, and I like to have long walks on the beach. I'm going to visit the silent mod server when I get on today
  10. I quit at the end of January this year. What helped me is that I finally found a stress free job and most of my main worries were gone. Without a great amount of stress on me it was easier to quit. I sometimes forget I smoked for 14 years.
  11. mewt


    Alright, I was being a jaymod bigot. Checked out NQ and it is pretty good.
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