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  1. hey everyone there a new site that getting all files and stuff for et that will be open for everyone to download everything from and put files for the game on there and ect come check it out and lets keep et alive lets keep et together as a whole community
  2. 2) "if it doesnt help, open C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add etguidauth.evenbalance.com " would it be the ip for the server or your own ip ?
  3. well im getting everyone together who will be playing in it in my discord so i can keep everyone togethers as there with be registration and check in and ect
  4. im doing the rule and that this weekend and then when i get all the number of teams i can set up date and registration and dates an that find me on discord under CookieMonster#7883 so i can get you all in the right place any suggestion for the tournemt i will happliy take
  5. well im hoping it will be a big hit and it can be a continuse thing like back in the old days when the clan wars was always happening
  6. no this isthe lbn communtiy seting this up
  7. I'm trying to get all clans gets to get at least 6 for 6v6
  8. its going to be for all clans to join in and going against all diffent clans throught out the touranment i did post in discord to ask for a leader to speak to me but no repley so i thought i would post here
  9. I'm setting up a clan war tournament like back in the old days and i was wondering if fa might be interested in joining it juat so you all know it will be a tournement against all clans that will be joining so if you could let me know either om here or on my discord CookieMonster#7883 who will be joining in im going to try for 6v6 if possible and have 2 reserve if people cant make it
  10. no log file and no i use normal et
  11. yes it both to set like like on my nitmod.cfg
  12. yes but i dont know who it is and im tring to find the person keeps changing name guid and etkey and struggling a bit and i dint seem to have the om logs anywhere
  13. is there a way of logging private messages like you can with the chat log at all thanks in advance
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