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  1. Proud FAmily member Muri.. Just wanted to thank everyone who helped and teached me to be good member ❤️. I'm excited and what a cool Christmas present this is!

    Have a great holidays and see you guys on server.

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    2. RendeL


      Welcome aboard!


    3. DeKing


      Congrats Muri , you deserve it :) 

    4. Hesis


      See you soon in beg2 ;)

  2. Merry Xmas and happy holidays to everyone. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Stay safe!

    FAmily  ❤️🎅 

    1. XeRoiX


      Muri xmas! jaja! 

  3. Bonjour Simon and welcome back! I'm looking forward to see you on server
  4. Thank you everyone who took part in event. We had good games and lot of fun. Special thanks to Kermit and Chuu to let me take part to organize this event and teaching me the commands See you all in next event.
  5. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Let's have awesome Sunday game event!
  6. Tbh I was so blind with this game... (I watched trailer one day before they published it) Once I watched trailer I loved it... but to be honest it is too much price for me maybe we can play it when it is on discount Best regards student budget aka Muri
  7. Amazing! I'm glad you guys keep going to organize these events. I'll be there!
  8. Thanks everyone to make this (trial) possible. I'm so happy to be part of FA family. See you guys on server! :) 

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    2. Hitch


      Congrats mate, always a pleasure playing with you.


      Here's to many more games.

    3. GHARIB


      Congratz mate and welcome inthe FAmily

    4. RedBaird




      I think that I will quit saying to new Trials, on their Walls, that "they are now On Trial!" 


      That just sounds tooo ominous!  😄 


      Game-Day promotions are the most fun for the 'Managers'.  🐥  📣  (We have no "cheerleader' emojis! :( I found that combo by accident!  ) 

  9. Congratz mate! Keep up the good work 😄

    ashley olsen applause GIF

  10. Very good song to lift some weights (for example)
  11. Happy birthday! hope you have great day
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