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  1. I'm back!

    Hi guys, who remembers me? currently not playing in Wet, but I will try to be active on the forum. I was interested to know who is online players I knew.
  2. Hello Hello !!!

    Welcome to the FA forum Sebastien
  3. Kelevra The Undertaker

    Hello and Welcome to the FA forum!
  4. Hey Guys

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. Hi, im back! :)

    I formatted the PC and I have not remembered to install the patch 2.60 and 2.60b that was the problem.
  7. Hi, im back! :)

    I also tried with an autoexec but it does not work. etconfig.cfg in the folder etmain and in the folders jaymod or silent, when I go into the game become with the default settings. Watch this: (Full Screen - 720p for read)
  8. Hi, im back! :)

    Hi guys, I always visited the forum, but I played the game and other games, I wanted to ask how come I put my ETConfig, but when I enter the server FA, and is reset back to the original default settings. I try /exec etconfig and /vid_restart but not found bacause once in the game is reset.
  9. Hello there!

    Hi and welcome to the FA forum!
  10. Why hello there

    Hi and welcome to the FA forum!
  11. Hiya

    Hi and welcome to the FA forum!
  12. Hi All

    Hi, welcome to the FA forums!
  13. Hey!

    I knew a player who is called Zuthus.
  14. Just for fun I created this:
  15. Castle Wolfenstein Movie Announced

    It will be the best movie you see!