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  1. Jeffaffaaah

    ET BEGINNERS #2 beg server 2

    /rename beginners#2 to onlymentalgrownupsandplaydafriggingobjectivexD All of the problems i get and feel the same pain. When you are a die hard objective player it's NO fun to get killed everysingle time. But, it's still a fun server to play on. I play for and with the people not the mod xD But those damn good KR players. Please stop whining about being good! You're only good if someone else tells you're good. You have to earn to goddamn respect of the mass players. My preference is just the ETpro mod with the ppsh-41 weapon just for engi, field and sol
  2. Jeffaffaaah

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    There is alse a Base map.. Where you have to destroy 2 radio's. It a small map and it's pretty intens. Greetz Jeff affaaaah xD
  3. Belgium is the place for beer The BEST beer I like DUVEL, CORNET, BLONDE LEFFE, OMMEGANG.. its all in the 4 or 4,5 euros price range in bars.. But more like 2 to 2,5 for a 33cl in the store
  4. Welcome! Happy fragging and chatting
  5. Oi! Hello Belgium brother! See ya in game! 


  6. Hey mate, welcome :)


    !beer Jeff

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