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  1. Amazing! Finally some people who love Psytrance as much as I do. Nothing better to listen to when you're baked haha
  2. Do all of you like Heavy Metal?! Surely there is someone who appreciates Lady GaGa as much as I do!
  3. I can't date you if you're not blood related
  4. My dad was the one who got me onto ET about 14 years ago (he heard about it from his mates at work) and when I saw him playing I jumped on and had a turn. I remember getting my ass absolutely handed to me in Baserace but I continued playing it. My dad's nickname is Frosty and he blended it with the Terminator and came up with Frostinator. As I made a few friends playing ET on and off I kept my tag the same so any old friends would recognise me.
  5. Thanks man, Greece is such a beautiful country and mate the food is incredible!!! I put on 3-4kgs easily but worth every single bite. Definitely have some more pics man I have copied some below but my insta is RickyyyFrazzz is you wanna have a better look at the countries I've visited. Dubrovnik, Croatia Carcossone, France Portofino, Italy
  6. This is me in Ios , Greece in 2019. The last time I could travel before COVID got in the way.
  7. Frostinator

    The 100

    I recently finished the newest season where they land on the new planet. Thought it was a bit far fetched but the storyline grips me every single time. Although I need a break after each season to recover! hahaha
  8. Schitts Creek - 5 seasons of absolute comedy gold. I haven't stopped laughing especially when baked
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