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  1. 2020-07-08-143035-goldrush-gals.thumb.jpg.954ded1e79c2907e35d07a464e82b3dc.jpg

    1. captnconcrete


      u must post this in ur apply sec . plz. or i guess i can but would like everyone to see u can do it.. i see u got ur et fixed good. hope something i said helped.

  2. Jack, use /autoscreenshot comand ingame :) to make screenshot with your XP!

    1. captnconcrete


      well also u need to have a folder in ur mod for screenshots to save too .. when u dl et it doesnt always have demo folders and screenshot folders.

  3. Game Play XP

    ET XP.png

  4. This is my daily out. Usually every evening I jump on. I've played this game for along time. I use to be admin in a clan years ago. I cant remember which one, Beavis and Oldman were there. Please accept me. I enjoy the group I game with. I only play this server. I'm familiar with Shatter, LetDown, Leatherface, etc... thanks.
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