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  1. Happy new year to all. Hope his year is better than last
  2. Happy Holidays for sure. Looking forward to a new year
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums. Your guys are too much with those videos/pictures ahhaha.
  4. Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome to our server! If you need anything just pm me.
  5. Silent needs more good engineers. Nice to meet you mate
  6. Baseball ️ takes the win for me. Atlanta Braves baseball is the best. They just won their division today!!!!
  7. I do agree about KR. kR does not measure ones true skill. I have a high KR on silent but I am probably middle of pack skill wise.
  8. BoXer


    Hey there. I’ve to meet you
  9. Hahah. I’d like to see the picture right after the dude blows up from welding.
  10. That is awesome. I must see it. Venice is my favorite
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