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  1. Hello everyone this is a gentle reminder from me that I am now officially back from my break and also sorry as I forgot to inform you that I was back 2-3months ago
  2. Good ...........a clan war..... sound amazing....I'm in....
  3. Happy birthday to the man who helped me a lot ....The first person I met on forum and walked a long journey of moths of friendship A Happy Happy Birthday to you @Jojo poutine always there for me ....
  4. Hey Everyone, I am Nightmare.I am a trial member on enemy territory . Today I stand forward to you to take a break from my loving games to achieve some real life goals in my midterms so I wouldn’t be able to be online for several weeks maybe for a month . So please remember me all those who know me I will be back soon Bye take care and yes dear admins please suspend my trial period I’ll really respond to it soon I’m back here thanks Aryan (NIGHTMARE)
  5. Aryan

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    I once played a map in which there was a huge pool table if available we can try to add it it’s name is CTF pool
  6. I can’t date you if you are a girl from another nation ps my imagination
  7. Hello @Bebedilight welcome to our community
  8. Thanks to you all for making me a part of this forum
  9. Hello everyone my name is NIGHTMARE ps in game I love the game and came to knew about the discord server and here I am on my mark
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