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  1. Hey Everyone, I am Nightmare.I am a trial member on enemy territory . Today I stand forward to you to take a break from my loving games to achieve some real life goals in my midterms so I wouldn’t be able to be online for several weeks maybe for a month . So please remember me all those who know me I will be back soon Bye take care and yes dear admins please suspend my trial period I’ll really respond to it soon I’m back here thanks Aryan (NIGHTMARE)
  2. I once played a map in which there was a huge pool table if available we can try to add it it’s name is CTF pool
  3. I can’t date you if you are a girl from another nation ps my imagination
  4. Hello @Bebedilight welcome to our community
  5. Thanks to you all for making me a part of this forum
  6. Hello everyone my name is NIGHTMARE ps in game I love the game and came to knew about the discord server and here I am on my mark
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