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  1. Kościelec also Tatra Mountain, pretty close but Rysy are on the background of the 2nd photo.
  2. It's me on the 1st photo, taken year ago, right before first attempt of reaching top of the mountain, unfortunately i didn't make it back then, it was too late, mobile phone was out of battery, my gf was tired etc..the truth is I was scared and the mountain won, but this time I made it, 2nd photo shows the view from the peak ( been there yesterday) Greetings!
  3. Trzymaj sie! Bardzo mi przykro. Sorry for your loss. I can feel it was very special and unique friendship.
  4. Great to see you here Avi! Hello and welcome.
  5. Good to see you again. Welcome to the forum!
  6. Hello! Good to see you here, enjoy!
  7. If you have never contemplated what is the meaning of life/existence.
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