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  1. looking where are you GIF by The Academy Awards

    1. Hitch


      Ye Donald, where you at? Stop hiding

    2. Hesis


      Where are you Donaldo? Looking Ethan Hawke GIF by FocusWorld

  2. DONALD82


    I would like to suggest to change some names of bots For instance,It would be a good idea that names of former players were in bots: Danielle,Koen,Subzero,Ukkonen Would it be possible?
  3. Great Idea I would like to propose the following To put in this server of classic maps... maps from return castle wolfenstein, the classic maps as well That would be interesting I just have seen the beach map.. from RTCW.. it could be a good idea in the classicar sever to put classic.. the first of 2003 and the classic from RTCW, the origin ¡
  4. After the trend topic of today in Beginners 2, I show my kitchen All ears to listen to improvements, Hesis, Insane and others.. all suggestions are welcome And budgets made by Hesis xdddd Show your kitchens ¡¡¡¡¡
  5. I have been using Pingplotter while playng as one of you told me to do. It seems the problem has been solved So, thank you very much for your help, kiitos, dziek,merci,danke, gracias ¡¡¡¡¡ it s been hard for 4 weeks.. but it seems it does work ¡¡¡
  6. I hope that can be useful in order to tell me what to do Thanks ¡
  7. It seems I will only be able to play at nights more than 2 am... I enclose photo of my ping at 02:15... just 49 15 minutes before. over 500
  8. hi mates I have been having ping problems in beginners2, just in this server,in the rest all is ok i ve tried everything: reboot router,ethernet wire,config, install again et.. and no success One of you told me to use pingplotter Well I have used and ping from 500 to 106.. but there are few people.. I have stipped using it (I let it working) and no difference where I put it on or off Maybe after using it , its effects last=? shall I let pingplotter always running? Has anyone used it and can tell me it works? I am a bit desperate with my ping.. so frustrating the
  9. I have the same problem in beginners 2, for some weeks. so so so high ping connection interrupted and just in beginners 2 I have reboot rooter, antivirus anti spam ( i ve run those probrams) and nothing solved Please tell me what can I do.. Even I have installed the game again from the beginning in other hard drive and nothing...
  10. Again today so high ping, more than 500, I cannot understand why Sometimes just 46 ping.. sometimes 200 and other more than 500 ( since I enter into server ) It just happens in beginners 2.. just there.. someone who can help?
  11. DONALD82

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Reset ranks and skills

    Hello I would like to propose to reset our ranks skills etc.. but not erasing our xp So far we can reset our stats, beginning with 1 killing rate and going on If we reset our xp, we reset xp and ranks skills and so on I d like to erase my ranks skills etc... but having my xp Is it possible to do=? I think it cannot be done Could you make it possible? to have our xp.. and start again gaining engineers skills , promoting from soldier to corporal and so on thanks
  12. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 0 | 103 | 103 | 0 | 0 | 8 | 0 | | - 0 | 103 | 103 | 0 | 1 | 33 | 1 | | 65.red-81-41-220.staticip.r
  13. Yes, it took me time.. Nutellen and Ellen ordered me today.. haha so as good soldier.. I did obey ¡¡
  14. Kiitos, Thanks. I am gonna try
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