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  1. Hello everyone, I've been looking for a way to install ET PRO on my mac. I was suggested using the program PlayOnMyMac. But that is stuck on the image that I have attached. I am installing the ET file on Splash Damage.
  2. Heyy Ottoman! Great to have you here what do you coach??
  3. Ahhh Bellwoods is a staple at anytime of the year for me. So so good! I haven't gone to either of the ones in Niagara. I'll check em out
  4. I was recently at Niagara-on-the-lake on the lake and so many beautiful homes listed there!
  5. Hey Dju! Welcome to the forums
  6. Well that's true. Fair enough, thanks for the clarity :D
  7. I'm saying if we want players to wait anyway then we can just enforce it no? It's like a grey area right now which leads to unnecessary arguments.
  8. @ElEl So i'm trying to submit the poll but its not letting me. Is there a character limit to such posts or something?
  9. Oh I totally understand. It's not much of a problem during the day (EST time) because there are usually around 15 people each team on the server so its hard to do it during that time. But when its night time like 11-12pm, there are only 5-8 people a team and during that time it can be a problem. Usually the maps where it can happen are frostbite, braundorf and ice. Sure, I can do that as well. Thanks for the tip!
  10. For sure. I agree, thats funny you and hipkat had the same analogy ahah. Maybe we can amend the rule to just say there is no rush rule because the encourage part is very confusing.
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