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  1. Need my revenge on PureFrag ! 😛 

  2. Come to play again! :(

  3. ButtMonkey

    ET BEGINNERS #2 vc match

    same here
  4. Looks awesome! Mmmm that cable management
  5. Ide realy like an android port of enemy territory so I can play at work haha
  6. Oh nice, about the same population as the village iam from, its lucky you had close friends who liked that stuff It seamed everyone in my town was drunken fisherman and computers were for sissys or something. No one was into them, and no one admitted to it when they were lol
  7. Ahhh lan partys! That's something I really missed out on living in a really small town. I always think of cartman pooping into a bedpan hahahaha
  8. Haha that's great eh. for me the games I played before that were SNES and PS1 driving games. ET was STELLER I think I remember seeing that clan, there was soo many back in the day
  9. Hey there pal. first off ill post some awefull screenshots on how to add a profile pic So click your avatar wait for the page to load then click this little button on the left of your avatar Then hit the Choose Single File button and you should be good That's an awesome storey, I remember thinking "It will never get anymore realistic than this!!!"
  10. That's awesome. Bethesda helped a lot of people learn gaming mechanics and get into game creation and modding. That's way beyond my tiny mind but I envy those who get into it! its before my time but the story goes that DOOM was passed around as shareware so much that the store copy didn't sell a lot, but DOOM2 sold like crazy I can find a few copys of that and ultimate doom. I have them on my windows 95 3DFX build but its bootleg copies and I like having boxes for my shelves, I call it jewelry haha Thanks for the help pal! I still need a lot of practice just for Beginners
  11. Alright so I installed RTWC, it installed easily, Single player runs perfectly, Multiplayer shows zero servers. I have an older gaming mobo with an AMD FX CPU, I could make it into a server for a laugh
  12. THAT is AWESOME. Even the box art is cool as hell. I will checking that out really soon, any issues playing RTCW on 64 bit win10? This has me curious now, iam going to try unreal tournament and Call of duty too. Iam going to save up for the windows 98 boxed copy to go with my windows 98 3dfx build. Iam trying to find an original copy of DOOM also. That's like finding hens teeth
  13. That would be sweet! I have the DVD case vesion, the windows 98 version is like 60$ online, the DVD case with RTCW and ET is about 75$ and the original windows 98 tin can version is like 500$! RTCW and ET are getting really collectable now I always do a monthy round of all the value villages and thrift ships in town looking for retro games but that's out of the question now
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