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  1. dynamite has a Wile E Coyote Charm to it
  2. The oddest sega game ive ever found so far! Took a long time to find it (148) Moonwalker level 1 - YouTube
  3. They are regoin locked, France is Pal, canada is NTSC, but it can be unlocked with mod chips! the trick to Demolition man is to kill the hammer guys before picking up the first bomb, the bombs trigger them to become more aggressive. So you can easily kill them, Then pick up the bombs and its realy easy! haha If it is version 1 the chainsaw will spray blood on the TV screen when you chop people, and the song Cars by Gary Newman will be on the radio and the gun stores will have real gun names for the weapons like "Colt 45" Driver 1 is a very hard
  4. Aha thats awesome! No issues with the NES? My childhood NES faded away wore out and i had to get a second one to play
  5. Nice! Would that be the first video game you ever owned and played? I missed out on the Atari 2600, and just barely caught the last of the NES before it went out of style. I have a 2600 now, it seams so primitive and unplayable to me, But the odd game is very addictive
  6. Also iam nuts for Vice City and GTA games. I have 12 copies of vice city ATM, because less than a year after it was released rockstar games was sued and forced to censor things in the game. Then again a year later. So there are 4 version of vice city, the boxes and disks are identical, you have to play each one to see what version it is. Some have songs missing and blood and gore censored and shit. So everytime i see one i buy it and test it. 12 games and i got ONE original copy. Very rare. I also have all the GTAs for PSP. If anyone has GTA Liberty City st
  7. Thanks Steiner! those two 3do games are the only two i have unfortunately. Good games run about 150$ to 600$... Iam praying to find some "out in the wild". The Japanese game is a 3d pinball game called FIREBALL!! and it is terrible. Here in Canada we are NTSC-Canada. But most aren't region locked anyway! Iam jealous of your complete cartridge collections for nintendo and sega. I wish i could've started collecting 15 years ago! it would take tens of thousands of dollars to collect now. Basicaly now i collect the games i remember and the most popular ones. I do have
  8. Ooh and this gem. Voodoo3 3dfx, Soundblaster gold, pentium 2 with 256m of ram!
  9. And my favorite console of all time is my childhood SNES, which i have a stack of and will be putting forsale soon And finaly my most nostalgic game is 007 Goldeneye. After a long search i found the game CIB, with the watch and the gun! Its still a blast to play
  10. Hey there! While playing games I've been chatting with some other players about retro gaming, and while i enjoy the chat its hard to keep up while playing an FPS game! So i figured i would open up a thread about retro gaming. Somewhere we can chat and show off a bit and maybe help someone find or repair their own collections. Plus no one in my life even has the tiniest bit of interest in it. And thinks iam out of my mind for collecting it... so it would make me very happy to chat with like minded individuals. So if you are interested, post a few pictures of
  11. Need my revenge on PureFrag ! 😛 

  12. Come to play again! :(

  13. ButtMonkey

    ET BEGINNERS #2 vc match

    same here
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