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  1. Happy birthday Pig!!!!! Have a great day ❤
  2. I hope you have a great day!! You are more abuelo than ever @Xiahou Dun
  3. Agustina


    Welcome to our forums
  4. Welcome to forums Aguante Cerati!!
  5. Hey, welcome! Saw you on silent today, I hope u enjoy the forums and playing with us
  6. Happy birthday chuuuuu!! Have a great day (I don't miss your panzer)
  7. @Martina @Renegade Pig @Rolan001 @FCC @null @memento mori @PenGuiN
  8. The president or me? I have posted. And fb is fred's famous word or facebook? I hope the first one
  9. I do. And I think I would say the same names. I love it when I see: you killed @Renegade Pig (and I see it a lot) . @Xiahou Dun despairs when I kill him so it's funny. And when @Night Train is with panzer and I kill him before he can use it.. I really laugh in an evil way
  10. @Martina @Renegade Pig @FCC @Cracker @ZERO @LazyHippo @memento mori @C0C4N4T10N @Professor Tony And we have a new silent videochat member @Raziel who promised he would come every saturday But too bad I didn't take a pic of when u were on camera
  11. Happy birthday sis!!! @Martina
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